Planning for Success

Maxiplan helps companies navigate the complexity involved in consolidating accounts across more than one financial/accounting system which can often include multiple currencies, accounting standards, reporting requirements and legislative compliance. Whether consolidating for external reporting or internal management purposes, the need to carry this task out on a regular basis can be both frustrating and time consuming.

Maxiplan is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that want to eliminate the error-prone, time-consuming processes involved in manual ‘spreadsheet’ consolidation. It’s designed to easily handle multi-group consolidations without the cost and complexity of other larger solutions.


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  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Support for various accounting standards/multi-country compliance
  • Fast, simple account closing process across multiple business units/entities
  • Compatibility with multiple accounting systems
  • Data confidence and transparency
  • Automated processes to fulfill specific statutory/legal reporting requirements
  • More time for analysing results and less time compiling reports
  • Easy integration of new business units into the consolidation process

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