Planning for Success

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  • Fast Implementation - Customers report faster implementation times resulting in lower cost of ownership and rapid ROI
  • Ease of Use - A web-based interface designed to appeal to business and financial users which dramatically increases take up, with little or no training required
  • One Version of the Truth - With information consolidated from a large number of sources quickly and easily, there is no need to manually rekey data, link or consolidate spreadsheets - so data quality and integrity is vastly improved
  • Cost-Effective - Full functionality without the cost you'd expect from a traditional enterprise system
  • Iterative Approach - The powerful ability to make changes means users can build many iterations of the budget in an instant - providing more time for analysis and planning - to get it right the first time
  • Limited IT Involvement - No expensive new hardware, software, or IT support required
  • Easy Collaboration - Move away from silos of spreadsheets towards a centralised environment where everyone is using the same information to make decisions
  • Reduced Cycle Times - For budgeting, forecasting and reporting with automatic integration of data from multiple ERP and accounting systems, easy consolidation, support for multiple currencies, integrated financial statements, and fast month-end close and reporting processes

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